Get to Know Eazy the Block Captain

Anthony Brown , popularly known as EAZY THE BLOCK CAPTAIN, is an undefeated and world renown battle rapper on the Ultimate Rap League (URL), an actor on the Peacock series reboot of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and a hip-hop recording artist. This triple threat hails from the streets of Philly, but is stamped in Houston as he signed a joint venture deal with Houston legend Lil Flip's Kinglife Family and 3Faces Entertainment. This venture further launched Eazy The Block Captains GUTTA CITY brand right into the hearts of hip hop lovers across the southern region. His debut album Himothy:Chapter 1 dropped the first quarter of 2022 and is saturated with articulate lyrics that highlight Eazy's niche for penning vivid stories that touch deeply those that share his walk, and inspire those that come to learn that his walk is DIFFERENT. Himothy-the first album out of Gutta City, includes features from greats such as Lil Flip, Cassidy, and Philly's own Freeway. Accompanied with an audio book, the Himothy album gives us an in depth look at what Eazy The Block Captain has endured and what had to take place to create the BLOCK CAPTAIN we have come to know and respect. A businessman, an innovator in the Battle rap culture, and an overall inspiration to those that cross his path, Eazy The Block Captain is in fact HIM.